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Spend less time and money on finding the right consultants

A large talent pool where you can do instant searches on combinations of skills, experiences, availability and price
How can we help?
If your challenges include finding skilled individuals to do qualified work in projects or temporary roles, we can help you. combines automation, unique data and AI to enable you to match, screen and invite in a matter of minutes. Here is how it works.
Search & filter on all your requirements

Say you need a finance professional who combines strong M&A and investor relations skills, with experience from private equity owned companies and fintech, who speaks fluent English and Swedish, and is available from June 1. Then that is the kind of candidates our algorithm will return.

Just one search, for a complex combination of skills & experiences, and immediately getting a high number of relevant available consultants, in a format that makes further screening very quick was of great value for us in this, and previous, assignments

From zero to long list in minutes

Matching consultants are displayed with the data you need for screening at your fingertips. Going from a list of requirements to a list of candidates has never been quicker.

Finding the right consultant to run a business-critical project with group management at a major energy company is not easy, Commended delivered several strong candidates in a few days!

Only pay for success

We only charge you when you hire someone you found through us. And we only charge you once, regardless of whether the assignment lasts for six months or several years.

Straightforward, simple and fast. In two days, we received a very good selection of consultants who fit our spec, among whom we could identify our most suitable candidate”