What do you want?

Better pay or a bigger professional challenge?

Expose yourself to hundreds of potential assignments in one place

In today’s consulting market, many competences are sought after and if you have them, finding an assignment may not be so hard.​

But most of us want more than just ’a job’ right? ​

Maximize your choice of opportunities on Commended.ai. We bring transparency and efficiency to the market of independent consulting by bridging consultants, intermediaries and end-customers.

  • You reach a large number of end-customers and intermediaries in one place
  • Focus on clearly defined competences instead of fuzzy titles, ”tags” and search phrases
  • Register in 5 minutes and apply to assignments in seconds
  • Get transparency into exactly where you stand in the process
  • No cost involved. Buyers and intermediaries pay us when they hire you

Did you know that...

An american study showed that recruiters on average screens a CV for only 7 seconds before making up their mind about it. 7 seconds to review a professional career and assess whether the human behind the paper has what is needed to do the job.

We believe there is a better way. Commended helps buyers and intermediaries of interim and project consultants look beyond titles to actual competences and experiences.