How to better connect you with those in need of your competences?

Our mission is to create a better working market for all you brave independent consultants out there, chartering your own career paths, off the beaten track. A market where independent talents…

…are always found by relevant opportunities
…are fairly assessed and priced
…can control their assignment flow
…can help put other talents to work – and get rewarded for doing so

A major problem on today’s market is the lack of transparency around who is really good at what, available when, and what they would like to be paid. When this information is hard to find, those searching for it end up guessing, based on CVs, LinkedIn – or worse – seniority, title, gender, etc.

We get your information in front of those you want to see it. We also help you build your case by enabling you to invite those who have seen you in action to grade your core skills.

Did you know that...

…the average recruiter screens a CV for only 7.4 seconds?
…67% of recruiters say lack of candidates is their biggest challenge? 
…interim and consulting firms waste a lot of time calling consultants that are already busy, time that could have been spent on research, sales, and delivery support?

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