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We have been independent consultants, sold independent consultants, and hired independent consultants. All three experiences left us convinced this market could do better. For everyone.

Towards a better working market for independent consultants…

Usually, composing a shortlist of potential consultants for an assignment will involve manually calling one’s existing network to find out who is, and more frequently isn’t available, endless scrolling on linkedin, searching for that perfect match, followed by troves of inmails trying to elicit a response – only to find out the ‘perfect’ candidate wants twice the intended rate.

There are no winners in this mess. Only time wasted on activities that create no value for the end-client, consultant nor intermediary.

What if we could make information like who is really good at what, is available when, and at what price, easily available? What if we could enable consultants to document satisfied clients, and impressed colleagues, in a structured way that would benefit them in the run for the next assignment?

Our platform in

2019-11-07 ‘hello world’
60+ assignments filled using it since
100 000+ self assessed skills
60 000+ reference assessed skills

Our story

As of January 2021, Commended is an independent company. We are actively targeting the European consulting and staffing market for new clients.

We are owned by our four founders, a group of investors and the Nordic management consulting firm Capacent.

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