About Commended.ai

AI based matching of assignments and independent consultants

Commended.ai brings transparency and efficiency to the market of independent consulting by bringing consultants, intermediaries and end-customers together in one place.

  • Clearly defined competences instead of fuzzy titles, ”tags” and search phrases
  • Updated data on on skills, availability and price
  • Consultants get more relevant assignment enquiries (and fewer irrelevant)
  • End-to-end support for screening, invitations, applications and selection
  • Buyers and agencies pay only for success, consultants don’t pay at all
  • 15 mins to create an assignment and invite consultants
  • 5 mins to create a Commended-profile and start getting invitations


Our network 

Our growing network of consultants spans disciplines such as Business- and Project management, Finance, IT, HR, Sales and Marketing. We are continuously expanding our network together with our partners and we often support our clients in giving their assignments wide exposure also outside Commended.ai.

Existing customers and assignments
To see a selection of open assignments with our existing customers, click here.

The platform in

2019-11-07 ‘hello world’
+100 assignments filled
+400 skills and experiences in taxonomy
+1,700 references submitted
+2,300 registered consultants
+100 000 skill assessments

Our story

We have been independent consultants, sold independent consultants, and have hired independent consultants. All three experiences left us convinced this market could do better. For everyone.

Founded in 2019 and operating as an independent company since January 2021, we are owned by our founders and a group of investors in the technology and HR/talent space.

Want to know more?

To learn more about how to become a Commended customer and get precision access to our fast growing network of potential consultants, fill out the form or schedule a meeting with us here